Business Challenge:

Our development team was asked to design and build mobile apps for a Fire Equipment Supplier. The client’s field staff would visit multiple client locations to conduct mandatory safety checks and audits on all fire equipment installed in their customer’s premises. A copy of the completed audit forms were brought back to office by all staff at the end of the day and enter the forms data into their backend application. This would take at least 1-2 hours for each staff at the end of the day depending on the number of audits conducted. Goal was to eliminate thistime spent at the end of each day.

Our Solutions

We developed an enterprise ready IOS mobile app which was configured to be installed and used only by authorized staff of the client. The staff would capture all the mandatory compliance related forms and fields in the app after each audit along with images of the physical audit sheet left behind at client location and upload the form with all informaton in a one click operation to the backend system. Each form completion would not take more than a few mins to complete and upload. All data was instantly synced to the backend system allowing management to generate invoices and reports quicker than before. We also customized thebackend system API to incorporate the new workflows and fields and improved reporting.

Benefits & ROI:
  • Saves 1.5 hours per day of data entry per staff member
  • Overall team efficiency improvement by over 30%.
  • Recovered investment on software within 2 months of using mobile apps.


iOS,PHP, Akeeba


Audit Amnagement

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