future trends in inventory management software

Whenever advancement hits retail, Inventory Management is a well-known target for innovation. Whether it be in the form of a streamlined supply chain or other inventory-related integration and automation, these innovations can kick off some new trends which change the face of retail.

With the customer expectations increasing day by day, Inventory Management Software services are swooping in to save the day. Thus, it’s quite essential to keep an eye on upcoming future trends in the field of Inventory Management Software.

Here are some forthcoming Inventory Management trends:

Pick-to-Light Systems
It’s a well-known fact that consumers around the world are opting for quick delivery services. Thus, Pick-to-Light systems are quite important. This system uses a lightning method to make inventory management more effortless. When operators pick items in your warehouse, they switch off a particular light that directs the other store operators in the right direction. Thus, this system can help you to locate products in an inventory quickly and provide easier deliveries to the customers.

New Inventory Management Skills
With the advancements in stock control, inventory managers also need to learn some new skills to match with them. Besides necessary skills like Organizational Skill, Computational Skill in math, Data Analytics, inventory managers should possess basic knowledge of the following topics too:

  • Coding and Algorithms
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • New reporting technologies
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Product Suggestions based on seasons

Inventory Management Software that can allow inventory adjustment based on real-time and forecasted weather conditions is a developing trend. It’s essential to manage the stock inventory in line with seasonal factors as it can help you to avoid difficulties like stockouts, obsolescence and overstocked goods when seasons pass. For example, Walmart has a massive inventory with millions of products which have AI capabilities that help them to adjust it based on the weather forecast.

Streaming Analytics
The use of real-time data which is also known as ‘streaming analytics’ is developing along with customer-centricity in Inventory Management Software Services. This feature can boost the effectiveness of personalization models, and it is becoming more valuable than ever. Few advantages of streaming analytics are-

  • You can forecast future demand better.
  • You can get real-time data on suppliers to gauge their performance.
  • You’ll be able to know supply price changes, and you can adjust inventory accordingly.


Stock Control for Omnichannel Retailing

Stores doing omnichannel retailing are at the top as they are attracting 90% of consumers who switch between at least three applications per day to complete their specific tasks. However, multichannel selling also requires serious inventory management responsibilities. This tool can help in avoiding stock outs as it enables you to control the distribution channels. It comes with three solutions:

Inventory Control – It allows you to adjust future product demand forecasts as it alerts you about current stock levels.

More Distribution Centers – It helps in matching the levels of complexity that stock management gets.

Stable safety stock level – It helps you to adjust and set up a sweet spot for your safety stock level.

Final Words

With each day passing by, we’re getting new trends from tech advancements. It’s the same with Inventory Management Software services too as it is also growing day by day. Thus, you need to pay attention to these trends. However, your adjustments to these trends might be different from another store. You’ll have to implement these trends according to your inventory and keep them testing until you find a good fit for your organization.

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