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First of all, question arises,

What is field service management?

In simple words, FSM is a system which is designed to keep track of various segments of field operations. For many organizations, handling a team of service technicians is one of the most complicated jobs. Miscommunications, delays, and wrong information are some common problems which have already plagued many companies. Thus, by keeping the design of the FSM system in mind, many software developers came up with the ‘Field Service Management Software’.

Field Service Management Software helps different organizations to deliver effective onsite services by managing personnel, tracking requests and maintaining visibility in operations. Here are some benefits of using FSM software:


Cluttering your workplace with paperwork increases the chances of data loss. MS-Excel isn’t the best way to keep any information because it doesn’t provide real-time dispatching status and analytics. Field Service Management software can eliminate the use of masses of paperwork, and therefore, it prevents issues like data loss and duplicate entries.


Invoicing is one of the most vital and, at the same time, the most frustrating part of any field service organization. It can take weeks to get the work done while data is collected and calculated manually.

By using a Field Service Management Software, technicians can immediately send all job information from the field such as spent time, used parts, electronic signature of a client, etc. Also, FSM software can automatically calculate the price, special pricing conditions and discounts.


Field Service Management software increases the efficiency of your business as you can access critical metrics anytime, including:

  • Number of jobs scheduled per day
  • Number of jobs completed per day
  • Time spent on the job
  • Ideal TimeTravel Time
  • Time spent on

Organizations dealing with repair services are highly dependent on Inventory Management Systems. FSM software can help your employees with useful real-time stock balance checking right in the field.

Let’s check out more about Inventory Management and the benefits of using this system in your organization:

What is Inventory Management?

In simple words, Inventory Management is just properly managing inventory to keep supply chains running smoothly. Every customer relies on the right Inventory Management System to receive their orders accurately on time.

A good storage and distribution warehouse often uses Inventory Management Software to organize better and streamline their daily processes. Using Inventory Management Software correctly can drastically cut down on the resources to get products out of clients. Let’s discuss more benefits of using this system.

  • Cutting Costs: By using Inventory Management software, any organization can cut back on money spent unnecessary items. The software can identify the proper quantities of certain products, and because of that, inventory managers can rest knowing the essential things are set to renew automatically. It also opens up room for a more comprehensive array of products and cuts back on money spent holding onto the inventory.
  • Better Customer Support: For any organization, happy and satisfied customers mean good reviews and return business. Inventory Management Software ensures that the right product is delivered to the right place. Some software comes with the real-time update features that can notify the customer when their shipment is leaving the warehouse and how soon they can expect it to arrive. With all these tools available, your customer appreciation should rise alongside their implementation.
  • Coordinating with Multiple Locations: Inventory Management Software can help organizations to manage the multiple locations effectively. For example- if an organization has ten or more warehouses, the inventory tracking software can be applied to each one to provide better analysis for long term decision making.
Top Inventory Management Software to choose:

If you’re looking to implement the best Inventory Management Software in your organization, first you need to ask yourself a few questions like:

  • How large is your business?
  • Is there room in the budget for a new system?
  • Which deployment strategy fits best for your organization?


Once you are able to answer these questions to yourself, you’ll have a better idea about the implementation of Inventory Management Software in your organization. Some of the top IM software are:

  • Ant My ERP
  • EZOfficeInventory
  • EZRentOut
  • NetSuite
  • Epos Now
  • Zoho Inventory


Final thoughts

Implementing a Field Service Management system can reduce the routine tasks of your employees and make your management more effective. Thus, you can spend more time on analysis of your business and find ways to streamline and grow it further.

A proper Inventory Management is essential to the success of the supply chain for any organization across the world. The benefits of these systems are impossible to deny, and many organizations are now adopting these sort of solutions.

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